Cincinnati ESports League

Coming in Spring 2023


For those passionate about ESport...

We have great news for you - in Spring 2023 we'll be starting the Cincinnati ESport League!

You'll be able to have fun and enjoy the ESports Games in a safe environment, with friendly coaches who will help you in improving your skills and your game strategy!


We welcome you!

If you're a professional player, or just a beginner - we welcome you all!!!

So save the date and get ready for the big opening in Spring 2023!

Join us, make new friends, team up with other players for a competition, and most importantly - HAVE FUN!!!


Let there be ESport!

Cincinnati ESports League will allow youth from all backgrounds to develop valuable skills such as coding, strategic problem solving, and communication. The program will give a safe environment for the youth while providing pathways into STEM and STEAM learning and careers.

This will also create a pipeline of talent to help with recruitment of tech companies to the area to create higher paying jobs and impact families in all neighborhoods.